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Do you know that you were made for more

but are having a hard time understanding what that "more" is? You have likely asked the questions: What is my God-given purpose? And how am I called to carry it out? Or maybe you know what your purpose and calling are but are struggling with creating the goals and taking the actions to live it out. Reading the self-help books, attending the conferences, and listening to the sermons just isn't cutting it anymore. You want to know your purpose and how to practically live it out. Well, this University is designed just for you! Traditionally we are taught to go to school, get a degree, and get a job in hopes that it will work out but unfortunately, nine times out of ten it doesn't. We're still left feeling unfulfilled and we're living on default instead of by design. That is why Life Designer University exists: to coach, educate, and equip women to uncover their purpose, clarify their calling, and achieve their goals so they can design a life that they and God love. From one-on-one coaching to group coaching to our classes and online courses, every facet of the University is designed with your purpose, calling, and personal development in mind.
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